The Hinton Collection of early postcards of Wheatley - 1913-1915

  • Westfield Road
  • The Manor House
  • Cromwell House, 100 High Street
  • Tower Mill, Wheatley
  • View from the Terrace, Shotover
  • Wheatley Vicarage (In 2018 this is Morland house surgery)
  • The Round House.. In the background is the picturesque white-washed Cromwell Cottage, now demolished, but was said to have been originally built for a servant of Cromwell’s, from which it got its name.
  • Ye Merry Bells
  • Entrance to Farm Close Lane. Note that this was before Mulberry Drive was constructed
  • High Street
  • Shotover House 1909 or earlier
  • Shotover House c. 1915. This was printed in Belgium
  • Boat House and Lake, Shotover. Postcard dated 14 August 1905
  • Wheatley Bridge Hotel and Tea Gardens
  • Railway Station and view of Wheatley. Postcard 6946
  • The back of the one showing that it was addressed to the Postman. Postcard 6946
Archive Notes:

Postcards of Wheatley: Bridge Hotel, Shotover House, Westfield Road, The Manor House, High Street, Merry Bells, Cromwell House, Windmill, Vicarage, Lockup with Cromwell Cottage, Wheatley Bridge Hotel: circa 1913-1915, some earlier. All these images have been 'cleaned up', the originals can be viewed in WVA, together with the text of the postcards (not of any historical significance).

Also one photo of the station, not a postcard.


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