The Hinton Collection of early postcards of Wheatley - 1913-1915

  • Westfield Road
  • The Manor House
  • Cromwell House, 100 High Street
  • Tower Mill, Wheatley
  • Railway Station and view of Wheatley. Postcard 6946
  • The back of the one showing that it was addressed to the Postman. Postcard 6946
  • View from the Terrace, Shotover
  • Wheatley Vicarage (In 2018 this is Morland house surgery)
  • The Round House.. In the background is the picturesque white-washed Cromwell Cottage, now demolished, but was said to have been originally built for a servant of Cromwell’s, from which it got its name.
  • Ye Merry Bells
  • Entrance to Farm Close Lane. Note that this was before Mulberry Drive was constructed
  • High Street
  • Shotover House 1909 or earlier
  • Shotover House c. 1915. This was printed in Belgium
  • Boat House and Lake, Shotover. Postcard dated 14 August 1905
  • Wheatley Bridge Hotel and Tea Gardens
Archive Notes:

Postcards of Wheatley: Bridge Hotel, Shotover House, Westfield Road, The Manor House, High Street, Merry Bells, Cromwell House, Windmill, Vicarage, Lockup with Cromwell Cottage, Wheatley Bridge Hotel: circa 1913-1915, some earlier. All these images have been 'cleaned up'.

Also one photo of the station, not a postcard.

The letter from Bill Hassall to Miss Hinton makes it clear that these were donated to the Archive.


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