Wheatley Urban District Council

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Short write-up of this period of Wheatley's history from 1895 to 1932. The Minute books of WUDC are held at Oxford History Centre.

Before 1895, there was a Local Board of Health and the representative of this in 1883 were Chairman & Treasurer  Rev. E Elton; Clerk Samuel Sheldon; Medical office of Health W Dyson Wood; Oxford; Surveyor Edward Woods; Inspector of Nuisances Lee Turner; Collector Samuel Sheldon. In 1887, they were Chairman, Joseph Frampton; Treasurer, Richard Rose; Clerk, Samuel Sheldon; Medical Officer of Health, W Dyson Wood, Oxford; Surveyor, Edward Woods; Inspector of Nuisances, Lee Turner; Collector, Samuel Sheldon.

In April 1899, the Oxford Journal on 1 April confirned the election of Rose (79), Stanley (64), Bott (59), Pike (54), Thormton (49), Farthing (48), the figures in brackets being the number of votes received.

In April 1903, there was an election for three places and those standing, with their votes in brackets, were an independant James Arthur Cooper of The Gables (100), Conservative Joseph William Rose (89), Conservative William Cullum (84) who were elected, and those not were Liberal Herbert Munt of Westfield Road (77), Liberal William Iliffe Pike of Church Road (67) and George Farthing of Farm Close Lane (67). Press article in Oxford Journal on 11 April confirms.

Later, in 1907 when an Urban District Council, the chairman was Edward Nevell; members, Edward Walker, Arthur Welch, James White, George Smith, frederick Stamp, Samuel Sheldon. In 1915, chairman, Arthur Welch; Members, Joseph William Rose, Charles Shepherd, Joseph Richard Sturgess, Frederick Fowler, Edward Shepherd, William Dennis, James Munt jnr, William Tombs jnr.; Clerk, Albert Henry Franklin; Treasurer, Walter Cockell; Medical officer, William Hugh Hill; Surveyor, Joseph Charles Stanley; Collector and Sanitary Inspector, James White.

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