Wheatley Urban District Council

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Short write-up of this period of Wheatley's history from 1895 to 1932. The Minute books of WUDC are held at Oxford History Centre.

Before 1895, there was a Local Board of Health and the representative of this in 1883 were Chairman & Treasurer  Rev. E Elton; Clerk Samuel Sheldon; Medical office of Health W Dyson Wood; Oxford; Surveyor Edward Woods; Inspector of Nuisances Lee Turner; Collector Samuel Sheldon. In 1887, they were Chairman, Joseph Frampton; Treasurer, Richard Rose; Clerk, Samuel Sheldon; Medical Officer of Health, W Dyson Wood, Oxford; Surveyor, Edward Woods; Inspector of Nuisances, Lee Turner; Collector, Samuel Sheldon.

Later, in 1907 when an Urban District Council, chaiman Edward Nevell; members, Edward Walker, Arthur Welch, James White, George Smith, frederick Stamp, Samuel Sheldon. In 1915, chairman, Arthur Welch; Members, Joseph William Rose, Charles Shepherd, Joseph Richard Sturgess, Frederick Fowler, Edward Shepherd, William Dennis, James Munt jnr, William Tombs jnr.; Clerk, Albert Henry Franklin; Treasurer, Walter Cockell; Medical officer, William Hugh Hill; Surveyor, Joseph Charles Stanley; Collector and Sanitary Inspector, James White.

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