Village Produce Association

  • Photo from Centenary booklet 1988
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(Mainly minutes, correspondence & many Annual show programmes, now returned to VPA)

Photo from Centenary booklet 1988.

Another similar photo names as follows:

Back row: V Markham, Dr J Flury (Vice President), W Hayman, J Walford (Chairman), E M Jones, J Allmond, P Maston

Middle row: [Ladies], R Hayman, D White, M Anson, B Taylor, R Masters

Front row: F Anson (Hon Secretary and Treasurer), Dr W O Hassall (President), Ron White (Show Secretary)

pdf copy of the 70th anniversary booklet published in 2010.

From Margaret Axford's book, (see record 591 but a copy of this booklet only available in WVA) it is known that she joined the Village Produce Association committee in the late 1960s when Fred Anson was the chairman, Glyn Evans was the secretary/treasurer and other committee members were Ron White, Rose Robinson and Cyril Harding. Wilfrid Sheldon was the show secretary. When he was forced, through ill health, to give up this role in the VPA in 1970, effectively signalling the end of the VPA, this role was taken over by Margaret Axford.

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