Wheatley Village Archive


Welcome to the new Wheatley Village Archive website. This Archive started in 2003 as an initiative of the History Group within the Wheatley Society in a small room above the entrance to the Merry Bells village hall thanks to a generous subsidy by Wheatley Parish Council.  All the archives were  carefully catalogued and filed in neatly indexed boxes in a database that now has some 2,300 records.

The initiative to digitise the archive started in 2018 and is expected to be largely complete by the end of 2019. This is making the records in the archive much more accessible to past and present inhabitants of Wheatley, whose records these are. It is hoped that this will encourage others to add any records which we do not already have. You do not need to part with your originals – either come into the Archive room when it is open or contact Michael Heaton at michael@wheatleyarchive.org.uk. who will arrange to scan your original in the archive room or at his home in the High Street.

Visits to the archive room are very welcome. It is on the first floor of the village hall at The Merry Bells, 89 High Street, Wheatley, Oxford OX33 1XP. At present it is open to the public on Thursday afternoons between 2 – 5pm, and on the last Saturday morning in the month from 10 – Noon. Disabled access is through the library. However, it can also be made available at other times by contacting one of the volunteers at info@wheatleyarchive.org.uk.

In December 2018, Wheatley Village Archive became registered charity number 1180964 run by the following trustees: Roger Bell, Steph Cox, Marian Darkin, David Harverson, Michael Heaton (chairman), Pam Reay. The regular archive helpers are Marian Darkin, Pam Reay, Steph Cox and Michael Heaton.

What's on this website

This website has three main archive components; images and text files; the World War 1 men information; and the family trees. Instruction on how to use these is found by selecting ARCHIVE, WW1 MEN or GENEALOGY on the menu. Selecting GENEALOGY takes you into the TNG propriety software which holds the family trees.

In addition there is a section on the PUBLICATIONS of the Wheatley Village Archive, and the HISTORY SITE which has articles and discussion papers of general historical interest about Wheatley and contributions to this forum would be most welcome. Other local contacts are listed under this menu item too.