Extracts from Directories up to 1939

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Robson's 1839, (For 1847, see record 484), History, Gazetteer & Directory of Oxon 1852, Post Office Directory 1854, Kelly's 1883, 1887 (and mention of 1891) 1895, 1899, 1911, 1920, 1931 and 1939 (no Kelly after that). Oxon Directory County Publicity Ltd Cowley 1958/9.

The poulation was 976 in 1831, 997 in 1841, 1,037 in 1851, 1031 in 1861, 1040 in 1871, 1020 in 1881, 950 in 1891, 872 in 1901, 966 in 1911.

In 1854, John Juggins, who lived at The Mount, and Ann Juggins who lived at Mott House, were regarded as gentry alongside Rev Edward Elton.

The 1883 directory shows Rev W H Wace as a land-owner. This needs confirmation as the 1845 Poor rate survey shows that Thomas Wace owned Anbrose Farm. The Rev Wace (the principal of Kings College, London - see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Wace_(priest)) may be his son, but his father is not shown on that website.

In 1887 and 1891, there was a Ladies' and Boarding School at The Mount in Parkhill, but it had gone by 1895

In the 1890s, the list of 'private residents' was extended. Widowed Mrs [Francis] Gale is shown at Ivy Lodge (the old name for the [Old] Parsonage in the High Street in 1899, 1903,  1911 and 1915.  Another widow, Mrs [Ann] Gale lived at Hillside, 60 Church Road in 1911 and 1915, seemingly having moved from Westfield Road where she lived in 1907. In 1895, The Misses Tyndale were living at 'The Lawn' which was an earlier name for Wheatley House.

With the information from the 1910 Revaluation Survey, it has been possible to find where nearly all the names in the 1911 Kelly Directory lived based on today's numbering. The posh place to live was Park Hill with five of the 'private residents' living there.


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