Abraham Archdale's will, 1631

Archive Notes:

Five pages. See record 0225 which suggests that Abraham Archdale was gifted the propery by Thomas Archdale. Abraham was unmarried. Property, Manor and some 260 acres, left to cousin Richard Archdale. £200 each to his three sisters; £200 to daughter Anne Powell of hissister Mary Moulton; £400 to Anne Barnes, daughter of his sister Barbara Barnes; £40 to each of four daughters of his sister Dorothy Stampe. and the same to the children of his sister Lowe; £20 to the sons of his sister Bridget Blackbourne; £100 to son of his niece Powell and £20 to her other children; and other bequest o various schoarly and religious establishments; £150 to his servant Emme Tousey; £30 to servant Richard Towsey; and lesser amounts to other servants; £400 to Master Ady Sare of Inner Temple; £50 to cousin Thomas Flexney. So, possibly an estate of up to £3,000 cash and the property worth several £million in the 2000s. 

Held in black box 7 in cupboard in Merry Bells which needs special access arrangement

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