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John Fox's work on road names - see also an abbreviated version on the computer. Kelham Hall Drive since found to be based on an intriguing derivation, prompting one rail enthusiast to produce an exhaustive history when the developers greeted the suggestion with blank stares. A railway engine built in 1931, took that name from a fourteenth century country mansion at Newark in Nottinghamshire. See also record 2573.

Another version of road names compiled by Susan Prest

Kimber Close (off Kelham Hall Drive) was named after the last station master. Doubt was expressed in record 2595 whether Kimber was a station master, but his position as the last station master was confirmed in 2021 by his daughter.

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Gardiner Close is presumed to have been named from the Whalley Smythe Gardiner family who owned much land in the area.

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