New housing developments in Wheatley

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Map 1 shows council estates at the west end of Wheatley between 1929 and 1987: The Avenue (1929), Cullum Road and Leyshon Road (1954), Elton Crescent (1955), Hillary Way (1956), Ambrose Rise (1962), Beech Road (1963), Elm Close (1964), Mulberry Drive (1962), Anson Close (1964/5). This map shows the garage and council depot on the north side of the Old London Road.

Map 2 shows other housing developments in Wheatley and Littleworth between 1929 amd 1987. It includes Howe Close (1976), Templars Close (1972), Barlow Close and Littleworth.

Map 3 shows the overlay of land plots in 1910 over the later-developed housing. Sites numbered 473 – the larger plot to the right developed only north of the old railway tracks – were College Farm; 337 was Ambrose Farm; 324 – developed only north of the old railway tracks – Rectory Farm; 344 land belonged to Mulberry Court; 386 was the 7-acre Farm Close.

All the 20th century developments are listed with dates on record 1535


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