Postcard with five views of Wheatley

  • 1918. Postcard with five views of Wheatley
  • From Hurdley collection
  • And another one, date not known
Archive Notes:

Postcard sent in 1918 with views of Shotover House, The Round House and Mount Hall, Church Road, the High Street, and the Railway Station.

A different one from David Hurdley's collection.

The third one is a Frith postcard, see which on the second  ‘Save the Archive’ page shows that the company was closed down in 1969. The choice of images, particularly the two Crown Square ones was appalling and certainly may not have been current photos but from their old stock. The new estate is Mulberry Drive which was developed in 1962. High Street is two-way and the car looks post WW2. The south side of Crown Square has not been re-developed. There is a telegraph pole outside Cromwell House which dates after 1937 and before 1966. So the post-card is early 1960s. Also, at 1146, there is a Bell Lane Frith postcard with a WTY reference and this carries the text 'Early 1960s, 1-9 Bell Lane. Frith series WTY .27F'.


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