Jack Turner's Historical Map of Wheatley - 1593

  • The location of Wheatley Close
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An historical map based on the All Souls Map of 1593 and Edwy's Charter of 956 AD - 4 copies (May 2018) drawn July 1986.

The original maps are the copyright of All Souls' College and may not be exhibited. They show strips in the common fields in the ownership of All Souls' and tenanted to Symes possibly - there were 180 such strips. They also owned College Farm and the two 'Old Wheatley' closes which may have been the closes which ran with an earlier farm or settlement.

A summary of information gleaned from the All Souls map is included.

This map is for sale, so not digitised or on the website (Administrator can find this on record 2479 - it shows Wheatley Old Close and Badcombe hedge). However, an extract, showing the position of the (old) Wheatley Close is shown.

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