The Lock-up

  • Lockup 2001
  • Lockup 2001
  • Lockup 2018
  • Lockup 2001
  • Lockup date not known
  • Map showing distribution of agricultural riots in the 1830s
  • Snowy lockup in the 2010s
  • Lock-up mug date not known
  • 2000s
Archive Notes:

Photos (others in WVA) taken in 2001 and later of the Lock-up or Round house. Also photo of lock-up mug, date not known.

This building was a temporary prison built in 1834 in the corner of the parish stone pit, where bull¬baiting continued after its suppression elsewhere. It was built of stones out of the parish pit. The date 1834 is quite certain as there are details about it in the minute book of the Vestry, as the body which then ruled the parish was called. The Lock-up was only used as such for six years. A press report in Oxford University and City Herald on 2 July 1853 refers to the building not being a 'fit or sufficiently healthy place in which to confine any person' and that the Superintending Constable recommended that some enlargement and improvement be made. There is no evidence of this having happened so, instead, it is more likely that the Lock-up was never again (if it had been which is doubted) used as a lock-up. Contemporary press reports refers to many such buildings, but all constructed quite differently, had been commissioned around Oxfordshire - all were referred to as Lock-ups.

The article explains the background to the need for this lock-up.

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