Saxon Graves on Castle Hill

  • Saxon Grave 33. A knife, amber bead, brooch and cosmetic tweezers were found with the skeleton. The tree trunk indicates the position of the current farm house. Grave 14 is the one on the right.
  • Grave 14. With the bones of a middle-aged woman were effects which indicated a person of status
  • Looking towards Wheatley and Holtom. Grave 32 is bottom right. Bullsdown Barns are to the left
  • Grave goods from Saxon Grave 14
  • Grave goods from Saxon Grave 14 include two bronze-gilt dish brooches with garnet centres; a silver ring; a 6 inch bronze knife to a bronze buckled belt; a necklace of 25 amber beads; three glass and two crystal beads; and a Celtic silver ring pin
  • The Cuddesdon bowl found in a Saxon burial ground in Bishop's Palace Park, Cuddesdon, in 1847. Now in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.
  • Map showing location of Saxon graves - from Rose Robinson 'book' on inside cover. Map probably drawn by Jack Turner
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Saxon Graves were discovered on Castle Hill in 1882 and excavated with the help of the Ashmolean Museum. 6 photographs (including 3 Henry Taunt). Courtesy of Oxon County Libraries and Royal Commission on Historical Monuments (England) For further information a publication, 'Roman and Saxon Wheatley' by John Fox is available in WVA

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