The Racks

  • Extent of 'The Racks' per 1813 Enclosure Award
  • 1924 Press article re Racks Allotment rents
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Extent of 'The Racks' according to the 1813 Enclosure Award

However, Taunton House (see record 2636) which is within the already-enclosed-in-1813 land ownership of 8-1-13 acres of John and Thomas Cooper was also within 'The Racks' so Parkhill in withing this area in its entirety.

There were also allotments in 'The Racks' in Church Road, the land immediately to the east of St Mary's Church and under the control of the vicar, shown as Plot 669 on the 1910 map at record 2187.

Other allotments on the north side of Church Road, where house at numbers 63 plus were built from 1932 onwards, are referred to in record 1531 but with no reference to 'The Racks' nor are these shown on the 1899 map. The#se allotments appear to have been owned by Major-General Miller of Shotover House as, according to a press report in the Oxford Chronicle and Reading Gazette on 19 December 1924 referring to the Racks Allotments in Church Road, there is reference to a meeting of Wheatley Urban District Council in December 1924 about his not being able to reduce the level of these allotment rents.

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