Manor Farm fields

  • Extract of 1813 Enclosure Award map annotated
Archive Notes:

Write-up by Dr. Hassall on the Manor Farm fields, 1813-1846.

This refers to The Green (Gardner 1 and Gardener 9 on the map image attached, and now the Primary School) and the Little Green (G10 on the map image attached), as detailed below.

In 1813 Gardiner was allotted pieces of former common land in lieu of right which he claimed (unwarrantedly) to have over the manorial waste. These lay each side of the Littleworth Road and formed the Green (Lot 7 15 acres 0 rods 34 perches) and the Little Green (1 acre 1 rod 30 perches). The former was bought by the Shotover estate and was sold for a County Secondary School (later used for the Primary School). The Little Green was sold by Mrs Thame for private houses, Mr Emden having failed in an attempt to preserve it at his own expense as a village Green. (He said he could get no reply either from the owner or from the Council to whom he wished to give it).

See also 2284 and 2287.

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