Report in Oxford Mail 11 November 1946

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Oxford Mail report on Wheatley 11 November 1946

Manor house. Round house. Wayside. Crown Inn. William Tombs. I asked him what changes the war had wrought in Wheatley, and his comment was “People are not putting the same level of energy into these first years of peace as they did in the seven years of war.” Rev. F. L. Wheeler, Vicar of Wheatley. A large proportion of Wheatley’s inhabitants are employed by Morris Motors and the Pressed Steel Company. A small timber industry occupies a few, and until the beginning of the war, there was a brickyard employing some 40 people. “Merry Bells” serves as a community centre for concerts, dinners and other communal activities, it has generally to be hired for these occasions and is not within the financial reach of every gathering. At present a good football ground in the village but it is understood that part of it at least will be required as a site for the new school to be built for the Oxfordshire Education Committee.

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