2 Westfield Road (Quarry House)

  • 2 Westfield Road
  • Ownerships in 1910
  • Lintel detail seen in Nos 2 & 4
Archive Notes:

Most of the quarry side of Westfield Road was built by 1881. John Crook’s sister, Edith Sarah, married Arthur Cullum which is how Cullum came to own the quarry and to build Quarry House, 2 Westfield Road, between 1881 and 1910, and was still living here in 1939. This was a family house with a very large garden which included a vegetable plot, tennis court etc. Cullum probably built most of the other brick houses in Westfield Road too. Later, he sold off most of the garden of 2 Westfield Road for the building of Templar’s Close in 1972.

A map shows the ownerships in 1910.

The lintel detail in Nos 2 & 4is also shown, not present in No. 6

See also record 796

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