• The chimney of the old brick works in Old House, Kiln Lane, is visible on the extreme left.
  • At Cooper's brick works
  • The face of the pit lay behind Cooper's Close and the mobile homes at Littleworth. It is now part of a site of special scientific interest. Here, in 1924, the men are digging out the clay for making bricks. The Littleworth brickworks were operational here from 1892 to 1939. First owned by the Cooper family, who had transferred the works from the grounds of their house in Kiln Lane and later owned by London brick company.
  • c. 1930. The chimneys of the brickworks are to the right of the railway line and Littleworth bridge.
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Illustrated description of Wheatley's brick and tile-making industry, run by the Cooper family and later the London Brick Company.

According to Bill Hassall, bricks were used, probably from the Kiln Lane business, for Keble College and Parkhill, Wheatley.

The chimney from the old Wheatley brickworks (Old House, Kiln Lane) was demolished in 1903, but the brickworks had moved to Littleworth by 1897 as the OS map revised of that date by then, see record 2051. Lautrec, see 753, which was built in 1902-1903, is said to have been built from bricks made at Littleworth.

See 1954 for map of brick-making in Kiln Lane.

See also 872 and 2255

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