Wheatley Quarry

  • Recreation ground
  • Recreation ground
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The quarry became the refuse pit and then was covered over to become the recreational ground. Photos 2001.

The Lock-up or Round House was a temporary prison built in 1834 in the corner of the parish stone pit, where bull-baiting continued after its suppression elsewhere. It was built of stones out of the parish pit. The date 1834 is quite certain as there are details about it in the minute book of the Vestry, as the body which then ruled the parish was called. The Lock-up was only used as such for six years.

The Parish Pit or Village Pit was a major limestone quarry, providing some high quality stone for many Wheatley buildings and for the building of Windsor Castle, Wallingford Castle, Merton and Magdalen Colleges. As a pit, it was used for all sorts of unsavoury purposes, including bullbaiting, badger-baiting and cock-fighting and for burning waste. As a consequence of the latter, it was plagued by rats and snakes. It remained a pit until the late 1940s when it was filled in and became the 'King George VI' recreation ground in 1950. But if you go left to the row of trees, you will see the original depth of the quarry, and the cliff-face created.

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