Census information 1851 to 1911

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Paper compiled by Michael Heaton on Census information 1851 to 1911.

There were 468 recorded trades in 1871 of which some 9% were recorded as paupers or unemployed. In 1881, the number of recorded trades was 428, but now only 5.5% were recorded as unemployed.

The range of trades suggests a self-contained village. Paupers and unemployed in 1871 were 9% of the total ‘trades’ recorded, 5.5% in 1881. The reduction, due to emigration after 1871 had made the village more contented according to Wilfrid Sheldon.

Includes farming census information, although not very helpful.

Since November 2021, includes new analysis for 1881, 1891, 1901 and 1911

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