Centenary of The Merry Bells 1888 -1988

  • Press report in the Oxford Journal 16 March 1910.
Archive Notes:

A photgraphic record of Wheatley was made in 1988 for its centenary. The Merry Bells photo is shown in the record, but the complete set can be found in record 2453.

An article in the Oxford Journal on 21 October 1893 included the following accolade about The Merry Bells which was a place of meeting which formed

‘a centre for every good work as well as for necessary recreation. No country village in England possessed so perfect a building as that in which they were assembled; so far from being intended to injure anybody it was built to be a help to every class. It had not as yet taken its proper position as the natural centre for educational purposes for all kinds, of lectures of an instructive nature (such as were now supplied by the County Council), for night school, musical meetings, temperance entertainments, as well as being the natural home of all those societies that had a more directly religious object, such as the Mother’s Union, the Girls’ Friendly Society, the Sons of Temperance, the Church of England Temperance Society, and many others.’

A press report in the Oxford Journal on 16 March 1910 refers to the Wheatley & District Temperance Society meeting in the Merry Bells, with Mr F H Alden, J.P. presiding. Mr Palmer operated the 'magic lantern'; Mr H Atherton did a reading and Mrs Life played the organ.

Other than the Merry Bells, the digital records of these are also held with the individual property or society record and these numbers are recorded on the hard copy in the Archive.

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