Ochre in Wheatley

  • This photo is shown exactly as it is in the archive although, obviously, it has discoloured with age. But, it is said to show an Oxfordshire wagon painted with ochre and, at the time, was on display in Coxwell Barn.
  • Map showing the barn (in red) understood to have been used in the 20th century for the making of paint, a process which apparently produced odious smells. It was demolished to make way for housing.
  • September 1965, taken by the Oxford Mail and Times, this photo shows Doug Adams from Upper Heyford working in the yellow ochre field near the windmill.
  • Jack Turner's sketch
Archive Notes:

Text and images describing the pits beneath the windmill and on Shotover, including photo of Oxfordshire wagon painted in ochre, and a map showing where paint was made in a barn.

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