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Adults and the Childrens' Fairy Play at Windmill House, 1 Windmill Lane. The house was built in 1913, date of photos probably 1920s.

The house was built in 1911 in the style of an Indian house as lived in by British residents in the hills towards the Himalayas. It was built for a retired judge in the British Indian judiciary James Algernon Brown, who lived here until 1939. Mr Brown has a commemorative plaque in St Mary's Church in Wheatley. Below and to the left of the steps that can be seen in the centre of the photo is a grotto like area where supposed roman burial remains were found. The house and grounds have been considerably altered since then but the main structure still stands.

There are two copyright photos of the house, taken in the period 1925-1940, from the Minn and Buckler collection at the Bodleian, now digitised and available at these links

Image 1

Image 2 In this photo, there are steps in the centre and, on the left, an arch built in stone and below that is a recess (grotto). It is now part of the garden of 64 Ladder Hill.


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