Windmill Lane

  • Windmills, 1a Windmill Lane
  • Windmill House, 1 Windmill Lane
  • 1b Windmill Lane
  • 3 Windmill Lane. Built in 1950s
  • 5 Windmill Lane
Archive Notes:

Windmills was built just before the first world war with an entrance from Ladder Hill. In 1991 a new entrance was created off Windmill Lane and the property was renamed Windmill House at No. 1, Windmill Lane.  Two houses were built in its garden in 1992 and 1993. 1a Windmill Lane, now known as Windmills, and 1b Windmill Lane, known as Greystocks. 3 Windmill Lane was built in the 1950s.

There are two copyright photos of the house, taken in the period 1925-1940, from the Minn and Buckler collection at the Bodleian, now digitised and available at these links

Image 1

Image 2 In this photo, there are steps in the centre and, on the left, an arch built in stone and below that is a recess (grotto). It is now part of the garden of 64 Ladder Hill.

Other photos (looking north) from Windmill Lane taken in 2004, can only be seen in WVA

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