Wheatley mummers' plays 1986

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Archive Notes:

Ten photographs of the Wheatley Morris Men performing the Holton Mummers' play on New Years Day 1986.

Photo 1. L to R on road. Turkish Knight, Jack Finney (David Dillon), Doctor, St George,

Photo 2. Jack Finney is called after the doctor fails to cure the Turkish Knight

Photo 3. Betty tries to buy Jack Finney's pig's bladder

Photo 4. St George falls wounded fighting Turkish Knight

Photo 5. Beelzebub clubs those who won't pay into his dripping pan.

Photo 6. The Introducer strikes the ground three times and asks for room to start the play.

Photo 7. Molly calls for Jack Finney to bring Turkish Knight back to life.

Photo 8. Jack Finney describes his travels

Photo 9. The concluding song and drinks.

Photo 10. Beelzebub threatens those who won't pay

Separate write-up.

There is te play text to music on Youtube at https://youtu.be/loiYYGycb4g (part 1) and https://youtu.be/2NZ8wjEV8q8 (part 2)

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