Wheatley Productions - Jan 1986

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  • Dick Whittington. Lyn Shew at front
  • Dick Whittington
  • Dick Whittington
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Dick Whittington - Jacky Wilson (Director), Jenny Messenger (Producer) Corinne Downey (Music) programme.

In 'Lark Rise to Lark Rise', Mick Jones recalled a tragic event which took Emma Wilson's life in 1989. This brought the Street Band back together. In the late Summer of 1989, Emma Wilson, our trumpet player, was cycling to work a shift in the kitchens at Lady Spencer Churchill College. She was hit by a lorry and was taken to the John Radcliffe Hospital, where she died later that day.

Emma was a terrific girl. She was highly intelligent, having become an undergraduate at New College Oxford, where she had gained a place in their rowing eight, she played the trumpet in our band, firstly at the age of 12 in 1981 in Tooth and Claw, and was a dancer in the girls’ Morris side, The Last Day of September. She was always a help to me when I was composing music, as she would pick up my irregular musical idiosyncrasies and help me put them right. She wasn’t perfect, she did put huge blobs on the sticks of her crotchets and quavers and, oh yes! she could tell a good risque joke. I can’t say I ever saw her in a bad mood, mind you that can be said for most of the young people we got involved with.

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