My Fair Lady by Wheatley Productions May 1995

  • My Fair Lady
  • My Fair Lady
1st from right: Martin Tims as Zolton Karpathy. 2nd from right: Ann Wild as Lady Boxington
3rd from right: Mike Vaughton as Lord Boxington
  • My Fair Lady
2nd from left: Mike Hogan as Fourth Cockney
  • My Fair Lady
  • My Fair Lady
Foreground: Jack Turner and Wendy Benson
Background: Brian lewis and Malcolm Benson
  • My Fair Lady
From left: Malcolm Benson, Jack Turner, Brian Lewis
  • My Fair Lady - The back crew
Envys Turner, Cynthia Mansey, Chris Sewell, Janet Taylor, Eileen Coombes
Archive Notes:

My Fair Lady - Produced and Directed by Peter Wild and Vicky Price, Roger Simmonds (Music) Sue Ashworth (Choreographer).


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