Celebration for the Queen's 90th birthday in 2016

  • Alexandra Hewitt, Tony Barry and Nigel Hawkes
  • Dave Simms' three grandchildren: Emily, Issy and Lotti
  • Tim Davies, the organiser, on the right
  • Wheatley Park Soul Band
  • Wheatley Park Soul Band
  • Wheatley Park Soul Band
  • Simon Shew, Clive Hallet, Roger Bell, Lyn Shew
  • Dave Simms, Paddy Hill, Harry Mennie
  • In Ochre, now (2021) Bruin
  • Wheatley Community Choir, also known as 'Around the Piano' run by Rachel Cave
  • Rev. Nigel Hawkes
  • Frances McNab, daughter of Brenda Bernau, and behind is Ian McNab, husband to Frances
  • Asda Community staff
  • The cake with Karen Betts who made it
  • Mary Blake along with many others.
  • Mobbs vintage lorry with Jan Walsh and Julie Mobbs aboard from Wheatley W.I.
  • Wheatley Cubs and Scouts
  • Liz Wickens and Joan Eller
  • Bill Jackson, Alan Hills, Martin Tims and ?
  • The cake
  • Allison Towner, Colin Towner, David Simms and the RBL
  • The Merry Bells
  • Ann Wild, Jasmine Vernède, Christine Vernède from the Wheatley Society
  • Christopher Sprent, Bill Jackson, David Harverson from the Wheatley Society
  • The Fire Brigade
  • Wheatley Scouts
  • Jan Walsh and Julie Mobbs
  • Martin Tims and Ros Tims
  • Tina Duffelen, Janet Taylor
  • Members of the Rugby Club
  • Colin Ring
  • Edna Ackroyd, Nikki (carer), Tony Barry (background), Olive Drake
Archive Notes:

Celebration for the 2016 90th birthday celebration for the Queen with programme for June 12.

The Wheatley Community Choir includes Anne Ambler, Ann Wild, Stephanie Brooklyn, Yvette Bowden, Jim Watson, Susan Allmond, Carole Newman.

Three short videos are available





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