Swallows on the Moon by Wheatley Productions May 2004

  • Cover
  • Pictures of the cast
  • Elizabeth Hess as Queen Henrietta Maria, Edward Hess as Henry Ireton
  • Gareth Farmer as John Broad, Pat Jeffs as Oliver Cromwell
  • Jack Turner as Sgt Dexter
  • Mike Hogan as Prince Rupert
  • Pat Jeffs as Oliver Cromwell
Archive Notes:

Swallows on the Moon - written by Mick Jones, Mick Jones (Producer) Felix Lam (Director), Jan Bolam, Jeremy Tremaine (Directors) David Wootten (Dance co-ordinator).

For list of all productions, see record 2575
This is on Youtube at https://youtu.be/GelQIpdu0qM
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