Wheatley Beneath Your Feet 1983 artefacts exhibition

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Archive Notes:

12 photos of an exhibition of artefacts in 1983, contributors : John Fox, Mrs Baylis, Tom Hassall, Malcolm Benson, Col Toye, Christine Jackson, Cynthia Mancey, Mrs Humphries, Mrs Underwood, Mrs Butcher, Mrs Smith, Geoff Young, Lyn Shew, Rupert Hayes, Jack Turner, Jean Gould, Margaret Rosenthal, Jack Turner.

There is a list of all the contributors and artefacts; artefacts found at the Manor in Photos 5 & 6; a separate list for Photos 7 & 8; Roman tiles on Photo 9; Shepherd's Crook, Boot Jack and Yoke in Photo 10; Bottles, reconstructed Mortaria and hot water bottle in Photo11, Dolls and Farings, and bottles and assorted items in Photo 12

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