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In June 1977 The Wheatley Society's Local History Group mounted a jubilee exhibition where numerous exhibits, sourced from the County Record Office, the Oxford City Library, the Bodleian Library and the Public Records Office, and acquired with a £25 grant from the Parish Council, were on display. Many of these documents, particularly those pre-1800, would have been obscure, difficult to understand and unsuitable for such a public exhibition. The material was to be deposited with the Parish Council after the exhibition, but seem now to have been 'lost'. Most of the material post 1800 is now covered elsewhere in the archive as set out below.

Some of these are covered elsewhere in this archive as shown. None of the 1500s, 1600s and 1700s ones are dealt with in Hassall's book, so are probably not of great significance. It is now unclear as to the purpose of this gathering of documents as a potential start to the history of Wheatley.

1567 A fine in the Court of Common Pleas (Transaction of land) between Vincent Coventry and Thomas and Alice Wadcliffe, concerning buildings and land in Wheatley. (CRO)

1593-4 Photographs of the Hovenden maps, from All Souls College, showing the arable strips in Wheatley. These are copyright so are only held on the private part of the website.

1690-1719-1748-1755• Document concerning the purchase of land in Wheatley by William Whorwood Adeane (CRO). Some reference in record 1006

1705-1720. Extracts .from Canon Oldfield's Catalogue, Vol. Ill of Quarter Sessions Rolls concerning fines in Wheatley. (BL)

1748 Mortgage between Edward Greening of Wheatley and Thomas Chapman of Wheatley. (CRO)

1777 A letter written by Wheatley and other local residents about John Bulkley, an army deserter. (CRO)

1798 An indenture or agreement between Thomas Armborough of Headington and Robert Mott of Worminghall, a lease on two Wheatley cottages. (CRO). Some reference in record 1988

1789 Land tax assessments. (CRO). It included Land Tax Assessments from 1789, the hard copies of these for that year and also 1785, 1799 and 1802 are shown below. It appears that the Whalley Smythe Gardiners are not shown until 1799. See record 2770

1816 Enclosure map and award. (BL). See record 2290

1822 Victuallers Recognizances. (CRO). See record 0310

1825 Details and membership of a Friendly Society in Wheatley. (BL). See record 1889

1831 Minutes from the Vestry Book. (BL). See record 2350

1841-7 Letters concerning the National School. (CRO)

1846 The Roman villa at Wheatley excavated. (CL). See record 1552

1847-1907 Pages from Directories relating to Wheatley. (CL). See record 2073

1871 The Census, the enumerators sheets for Wheatley. (PRO). See record 2439

1878 Turnpike Trust., sale of the toll-house and equipment. (CRO). Some info but no detail in record 2473

1891, 1901, 1911. Printed registers of Electors. (CL)

1921 25" OS map (revision of the first survey in 1873). See record 1948

1955 25" OS map. 1960 OS map, see record 2664

1974 25" OS map (new survey)

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