Silver Jubilee celebrations

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Archive Notes:

Photos June 1977

4. Children’s Tea Party at The Sun

5. Wheatley Society float at Lower School, Littleworth Road

7. Children’s Street Party outside the shops in the High St. Elaine Parsons of Beech Road in centre.

7a. Ladies Keep Fit Club float at the Lower School

8. Wheatley VPA float with Fred Anson, Ron White and Gerry McGowan at the Lower School.

9. The judges: Rev’d Charles Brock, Mrs Hassall, Carol Mowlam and Peter Wild

10. Simon Shew carrying little Toby Shew as The Jubilee Bee. Jean Vaughton behind Simon.

11. Norman Taylor, then landlord of The Sun as ‘Jake the Peg with the Wooden Leg’ in The Sun garden

11a Children in fancy dress about to lead the procession from the Lower School

12.The children passing The Merry Bell under the watchful eye of Judge Charles Brock by the tree

14.Vintage cars passing The Merry Bells again with Charles Brock judging. First car driven by Brian

    Samuels with his wife Dorothy and their family. With Gwendolen Birks in the red coat.

15.Wheatley Society float opposite The Merry Bells. Mark Bannister of Old Road without hat.

17. Ladies Keep Fit float same place. Mrs Pat Harris of Kellys Road front centre with ? Veronica Lancashire (Veronica may be able to confirm and know names of others).

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