The Fire Station - Holloway Road

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  • The Fire Brigade
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  • The Fire Engine outside the Holloway Road building
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Three files about this building and the fire service there, and one about the rescue of a bear!

Photos copied from slides.

In the close-up photo of the firemen these are from left to right: Bill Palmer, Reg Beechy, Eric Merritt behind Maurice Crick, Jack Lindley, Joe Savins, Jim (Dolf) Shorter, Jim Butler, Vic Quarterman, Les Tombs.

In the small square indoor photo the back row is: Jack Lindley (officer), Les Tombs, Reg Beechy and front row: Jim Butler, Joe Sarins, Jim Shorter.

The building was the stables to Morland House, bought in the late 1940s as a result of the The Fire Services Act, 1947, which put the reposibility on the County Council to provide fire services. This was therefore purchased by the County Council and it became station number 16.

The station moved to Old London Road in 1981.

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