WalkWheatley in 2021

  • Collage of Fairy Doors
  • Easter egg hunt
Archive Notes:

'WalkWheatley' was an initiative devised by local mum Laura Drewett and 9 year old daughter, Holly in February 2021. Created during the Covid-19 pandemic, its aim was to help families suffering from lockdown fatigue. It inspired children to keep exercising by adding some magic and excitement into daily walks. Holly painstakingly decorated ten miniature fairy doors. These and four others were placed around the village on fences and trees for young children to discover! Three other trails were created; a pirate treasure hunt for younger children and fighter pilot ‘Escape from the Valley’ and photo time capsule challenges for older children. Maps and instructions were shared on https://www.facebook.com/groups/1143048322791353 and donations were made to Wheatley Primary PTA.

The 'Walk Wheatley' attachment shows the text above together with artwork

Three trails in their current form in early March 2021 are included.

Over Easter, an Easter-egg hunt was created as shown by one of the posters.

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