Mad Hatter's Tea Party 1994

  • Olive Drake, Trude Hickey, John Duffelen, Bernard Hickey, John Drake
  • Trude & Bernard Hickey
  • Kathy Keene won the award for the best lady's hat
  • David Mancey, Peter Targett, Rose Robinson, Doris Godfrey
Archive Notes:

Held in the garden of Jon and Olive Drake. 5 pages of photos. Kathy Keene won best lady's hat, Bernard Hickey won best man's hat.

Those present (not all named in the photos) were Jon & Olive Drake, Peter Targett, Martin Tims, Sue Smith, Marian Darkin, Michael Farthing, Trude & Bernard Hickey, John Duffelen, Pat Mulcahy Morgan, Simon Shew, Rose Robinson, Kathy Keene, Doris Godfrey, David Mancey, Peter Targett,

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