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Family tree of the Putts, from William Putt in 1809 when the family was living in Cassington. This includes Thomas Putt, born 1848, the father of Ernest Putt and grandfather of Stephen Putt ('Stivey', 'Stivy', 'Stivvie, or 'Stivie') the disabled cobbler, b. 1902, d. 1976. See Genealogy section.

It is believed that Stivie Putt was born a cripple, although there may also have been a story about him being dropped when he was a baby. He was originally going to be a tailor, before he ended up being a shoemender. It is recalled that if you came into the shop to complain about your shoes not being done yet, he would turn off his hearing aid and turn away from you so that he couldn’t hear you!

See also records 2149 and 2032

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