Miss May Gale & Doris Gale, 60 Church Road.

  • Miss Doris Gale (left), Miss May Harris (centre) and Miss May Gale (right)
  • The Gale brewing history
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May Harris daughter of Caleb Harris was housekeeper. Letter of condolence to Mrs Crick from May Gale concerning Maurice's death during the war -1917.

Miss May Gale (right) lived at 60 Church Road with her niece, Miss Doris Gale (left) and Miss May Harris (centre) who was their companion housekeeper.

May Harris was the daughter of Caleb Harris, a milkman who occupied at one time one of the Breech Cottages behind the Manor House. May moved to Robins Row and looked after the children of Dr Flury opposite.

The Gales were from a family involved in brewing.

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