Sarah Parsons with her family in 1914

  • Sarah Parsons extended family
  • 1914. Sarah Parsons and Rose Holness
  • c. 1920. Phoebe Colwell at Wayside
Archive Notes:

The group photograph is of the extended family of Sarah Parsons in 1914 outside Stile Cottage in Farm Close Lane.

Back row: Jewish refugee, Ada Fitzmorris (sister to Phoebe nee Holness), Thomas Fitzmorris (Ada's husband), Sarah Parsons (mother of Phoebe and Ada), Phoebe Colwell (sister to Ada nee Holness)

Middle row: Lily Colwell (Phoebe's daughter), Dorothy Rose Holness (phoebe's daughter, later Mrs Rosie Jeffs), Elizabeth Fitzmorris (Ada's daughter)

Front: Wilfred (Jewish refugee) holding Ada Fitzmorris b. 1914

The couple are Sarah Parsons and Rose Holness aged 8 outside Stile Cottage in 1914.

The singel person is Phoebe Colwell at Wayside in Crown Road taken around 1920 or a bit before.

SAarah Parsons was Pat Jeffs's great-grandmother, Phoebe Colwell has grandmother and Rose Holness his mother

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