Vera Shepherd

  • W.I. Christmas party circa 1948, Vera & Sylvia Trinder front row
  • The Trinder family haymaking on Hill Farm (either side of Ladder Hill).
  • Percy & Naomi Trinder (Lived in Chilworth House, High Street)
  • Sylvia Trinder with her pet lamb.
  • Sheep on hillside below Coombe Wood.
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Information about Vera Shepherd, nee Trinder, and her life at Hill Farm 1924 - 1945. Some family photos.

According to Vera Shepherd, whose family farmed Wheatley Hill Farm, there were seven milk rounds during part of the 1900s. Apart from this family, and two external suppliers (Burtons from Headington and the Co-op), there were four other milk rounds based in Wheatley. One of these was run by Caleb Harris (no connection to Harris Stores). He had a milk round in the 1940s with milk from the Orlidge Farm (Old Park Farm in Holton on the Shotover Estate across the A40), with his dairy on the left of the road to Littleworth Park. Another was based at College Farm (Rose Washington), and there was one in Church Road, White & Welford, using the building east of the Granary and possibly the old boys school building in the back garden of Mitcheldene. The last one was run by Freddie Allen (nick-named ‘Watery’ for obvious reasons!) in High Street. This was at the back of the site now occupied by Rose Villa.

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