Photograph of the Elton Family at the vicarage

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Rev Edward Elton with his second wife and children from both marriages

Rev Edward Elton, b. 18 July 1816

Married (1) Harriet Vashon Ballard (6 October 1814-26 February 1854)

Children: Alice Harriette (6 August 1843); Rose Sarah (23 December 1844); Frances Mary (2 September 1846), these born at Stanton St. Bernard, Wiltshire;

Louisa Vashon (17 September 1848) born at Bierton, Bucks. These four on the left

Ambrose Edward (3 Nov. 1852 ~ 9 April 1953) born at Wheatley, Oxford

Married (2) Margaret Trotman (20 October 1830 - 31 March 1914) with Edward Elton and their two sons on the right

Children: Edward Fiennes (b. November 1860) on the pony, Herbert Gresky (b. 24 December 1864) by his father.

(Alice m. John Ellston (clerk in Holy Orders of Walmer, Kent) on 10 September 1879)

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