Harris family

  • Mr. & Mrs. Eddy Harris delivering milk in 1947
  • Peter Harris at home, 27 Littleworth Road, 2005
  • Mary Harris, 1930-2012
  • John (Jack) Harris, cabinet maker
  • Jack Harris discussing with Rev. Hawken (vicar of Holton & Waterperry) the display case which he gave to Watrerperry Church in memory of his son who died in 1970.
  • Jack Harris’s workshop in Church Road, formerly Wilfrid Sheldon’s forge.
  • Miss May Harris
  • Harris milk bottle
  • Press article re 1925 wedding Kimber:Harris
Archive Notes:

Family tree, see Genealogy section. Interview with Peter Harris (19.05.04). Information on Mr and Mrs Eddy Harris re: Harris' milk delivery (1940s). Photos of Peter Harris, Mary Harris, John Harris (aka Jack Harris), May Harris.

In August 1925 Edwin Harris, second son of Mr & Mrs Caleb Harris, married Doris Kimber, eldest daughter of Mr & Mrs Richard Kimber. Attended by Miss Cicely Kimber and Miss May Harris. Nephews Bruce and Keith Shepherd were pages.

Also photos of his cabinet-making workshop. See also record 716

Also photo of milk bottle from the Harris milk round. More details of the seven milk rounds in record 163.

He was responsible for much of the carpentry renovations in Waterperry Church

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