The Cooper Family

  • Joseph Cooper and his sister Hannah at the Manor House.
  • 1911 census form for Mary Jane Cooper (widow) and the family living with her.
  • Joseph Hussey Cooper buried 9 January 1851 and his widow died in 1854 aged 48.
  • Jane Hussey Cooper died at the age of 15 in September (date not clear) 1854
Archive Notes:

Notes and list of the Coopers and the Joseph Hussey Cooper family tree from 1798. Photograph of Joseph Cooper (b. 1830) and his sister Hannah at the Manor House.

Includes a copy of the 1911 census entry and photos of two of the gravestones in the Memorial Garden, one in respect of Joseph Hussey Cooper who was buried 9 January 1851, the other of his 15-year ols daughter, Jane, died September 1854 age 15.

See also Genelogy section.


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