Munt family tree from 16 Century

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Munt family tree from 16 Century 'Munt family essay'. Names are searchable in the general 'search by name' by inputting first name(s) followed by Munt but remember that for a multi-word search the name has to be put in double inverted (speech) commas. Many of the Munt names are re-used over the centuries so a search is likely to produce a lot of results over a long period of time. Once you have the pdf, then the search no longer needs the double inverted commas.

Press article dated 4 September 1925 regarding the accident when 8-year-old Ernest Alfred Munt fell into a boiling copper and dies three days later.

See also record 2026 for a selective hand-drawn family tree from 16 century to the mid 1950s.

There are no other specific archive references for any of the Munts from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.

For names worth searching in connection with the Red Lion pub (Elizabeth Munt, Isaac Munt, Mary Munt and Thomas Munt) in the mid 1700s, and from 1850-1999 go first to record 2739


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