Shorter Family

  • Harry Shorter 1899-1971
  • Harry Shorter and sister Julie
  • Harry Shorter in his Railway Uniform
  • Wedding of Nellie Shorter to Edward Russell in 1934
  • Charles Shorter, lived in Manor House until 1925, then at Sunnyside, London Road
  • Elizabeth (née Cherry), wife of Charles Shorter
  • Phoebe Shorter, 1894-1986
  • Phoebe Shorter worked at Castle Craig in Wales for an opera singer
  • Emily Shorter, 1893-1980
  • Charles Shorter filling potholes in the High Street about 1920 – nothing changes!
Archive Notes:

Shorter family tree 1775 to present day, photo of Phoebe Shorter, Emily, Harry Shorter with sister Julie, wedding of Nellie Shorter to Edward Russell

See also records 1570 and 1732

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