Goodin Family tree

  • Mark & Phoebe Shorter c. 1928 with daughters Elsie Shorter (left), Hilda Shorter (holding her son Stanley McCormack) and Phoebe Shorter (holding dog)
  • Walter Goodin b.1887, seventh & youngest child of Thomas and Ann Goodin and brother of the older Phoebe
  • Anne Dallimore (nee Goodin b. 1877) sister of Phoebe Shorter
  • Left is Phoebe (b. 1894), right Emily (b. 1893) daughters of Phoebe and Mark Shorter
  • Julie Tombs (nee Goodin b. 1880) sister of Phoebe Shorter
  • Thomas Goodin (b. 1867 and eldest son of Thomas and Ann Goodin). Emigrated to Australia
  • Henry Goodin.
  • Henry Goodin.
  • Thomas Goodin
  • Ann Goodin (nee Currill)
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Goodin Family tree 1808 - 1914 with five family photographs. Mark Shorter & Phoebe Shorter, Walter Goodin, Annie Dallimore (nee Goodin), Emily Shorter, Julie Tombs (nee Goodin).

Henry Goodin (b. 1874 in Wheatley) served in the Boer War before emigrating to Australia where he became a sheep farmer. Fought with ANZACS in WW1 and was wounded. He returned to England and lived in a cottage in Station Road, next to the fish and chip shop.

Thomas Goodin (1842-19210 (parents James and Elizabeth Goodin). Thomas married Ann Currill (1844-1887) and they had seven children. Of these, Thomas and Henry emigratedto Australia. The family livedin Friday Lane and then All Souls Cottage in the High Street

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