Ester (Betty) Clitherow 24/11/1923-2/5/2012

  • Esther (Betty) Clitherow, née Horne, died May 2012
  • Betty Clitherow, from Order of Service
  • Joseph Horne (brother of Betty above) and wife Lucy
  • Lucy Horne outside their house in Gateley, Horspath
  • Joseph Horne with son Albert
  • Lucy Horne with son Albert
  • Albert Horne
  • Albert Horne
  • Albert Horne
  • Albert Horne with son James (Jim)
  • James Horne
  • James Horne
Archive Notes:

Photos of Esther (Betty) Clitheroe, nee Horne; her brother Joseph, Lucy, Albert and James.

Funeral notes from service at United Reform Church, Wheatley on 15 May 2012 can be seen at WVA

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