95-97 High Street and view 95-115 High Street

  • View west up the High Street from beyond Friday Lane. Harris's shop is in the far distance.
  • Huxter's cart outside Harris's shop
Archive Notes:

Letter and photographs of the High Street and Harris's stores at 95-97 High Street.

This was a house built in the 18th century. By 1876 it had become a shop kept by Joshua Harris, who sold millinery, grocery, ironmongery and medicines. It remained in the Harris family until 1967 when Mr. J C Kelly took it over and called it James’s Supermarket. Nos. 95 and 97 were then separated No. 95 remaining a store. The entrance was altered, the garden wall demolished and Barclay's Bank built. Both properties are now houses.

See also record 1930 for more information on Huxter, the carrier

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