95-97 High Street

  • 1925. Harris's shops
  • 1925 with both buildings clearly shown as being traded as shops by Harris. A Frank Packer postcard
  • Huxter carrier outside Harris's shop c. 1910
  • 97 High Street ceased to be a shop in the early 1960s
  • Early photo showing the wall, later demolished to create space for Barclays Bank
  • 2018. 97 High Street
  • Date not known
Archive Notes:

When Harris's shop and stores (and no 95). Photos taken in 1910, 1925.

95 and 97 High Street were built in the 18th century. By 1876 they had become a shop kept by Joshua Harris, who sold millinery, grocery, ironmongery and medicines. You could even have a tooth pulled out for a shilling! Gilbert Harris continued to run Harris' Stores until 1952, when it was sold to Ernest William Eldred, also a grocer and draper.The business appears to have been sold to Allied Land and Blanchley Properties in 1966. It was then leased to J. C. Kelly, who traded as James’s Supermarket. Nos. 95 and 97 were then separated No. 95 remaining a store. The land began to be divided up and parts sold off. John Battershall bought both 95 and 97 High Street in 1971. 95 was then sold on to become a taxi business, later Alfred Truman's. In 1991 the O'Sullivan family bought 97, little knowing how much of the past would be unearthed. Liz O'Sullivan sold the house to Tess Harris. 97 has a full-height cellar in the back part below the kitchen.

The garden wall, seen in one of the photos, was demolished and Barclay's Bank (previously at 48 High Street) built as a single storey building was erected. This later became a two storey building for the bank and, in 2017, the Post Office moved here with a gift shop.

See also record number 1930.

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