99-107 High Street

  • c. 1927. From the left are numbers 101 (All Souls Cottage), 103 (Sheppey Cottage), 105 (Newholme) set back from the road, 107 (Old Post Office) and 109 High Street when still thatched
  • 1927, part of the set of postcards. Looking up High Street from 107 (Old Post Office, 105 (Newholme) set back from the road), 103 (Sheppey Cottage), 101 (All Souls Cottage) no longer so-called, and 99 High Street
  • 2018. 101 and 103 High Street
  • 2018. 105 High Street
Archive Notes:

Photos taken circa 1927 including All Souls Cottage (101 High Street), Sheppey Cottage (103 High Street), Newholme (105 High Street), 107 High Street (Post Office) and 109 High Street when this was still thatched. The 'set' of 1927 postcards is at record 2509.

101 High Street, All Souls Cottage Previously known as All Souls Cottage, the land having been in the ownership of All Souls College since the late 16th century. The house was built around 1800.

105 High Street The house was built about 1720 with the upper storey added later. Built of rubble and brick house, unusual in standing well back from the road and having a front garden.

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