99-107 High Street, Forge House and view

  • Date not known, terrace including Forge House
  • 1985. Forge House
  • View west up High Street
  • 1980. Forge House
Archive Notes:

Forge House, The smithy, at the Church Road end of the property, was run by Frederick Sheldon (married Ellen Holyoake who was still living here in 1911 - she died in 1939) until his death in 1907 when it was taken over by Wilfrid Sheldon (born 1885 died 1972), closing in 1955. Frederick also ran an ironmongery business. If there had had been a shop at Forge House (this would explain the second door), this had ceased by 1911 after Frederick's death as 'shop' is deleted on the 1911 census.

Old photograph and one taken in 1985

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