Wheatley Infants School 1910

  • Wheatley Infants School 1910
  • Infant school ownership (shaded green) in 1910
  • Extract of map c. 1960 showing the ownership then including new building
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Photo of children all named

TOP ROW: Olive Johnson, Lily Hughes, Harriet Munt, Bessie Clements, Sybil Munt, Emily Jones, Gladys Summers, Nellie Gleed, Annie Jennings, Marion Dennis

SECOND ROW: Bertie Barrett, Barbara Cullum, Ernest Hilsden, Fred Munt, Reg Burt, Florence Naish, A. Bathard, Leonard Ferris

FRONT ROW: Mabel Spearing, Muriel Pratt, Phyllis Sheldon, Agnes Merry, Agnes Smith, Ralph East, Eva Hawes, Arthur Smith, Ray Brandum, Norah Shrimpton, Beatrice Hilsden.

Also links to photographs taken in 1905, with one later between 1910 and 1919, both inside and outside the school. These links open onto a separate website hosted by Oxfordshire History Centre, the images being copyright from a Bodleian collection.

POX0580282 1905 Classroom interior showing benches and desks on the east and south side of the main classroom

POX0580281 1905 Classroom interior showing galleried seating on the north side side of the main classroom

POX0580280 1905 exterior from the west

POX0580279 1905 exterior showing the adjacent 'garden' and the smaller infants room on the right

POX0580277 1905 exterior from the south with St Mary's Church spire in the background. In the foreground showing the 'garden', possibly showing potato growing (as described in POX0580262) with the smaller infants room on the south end of the building.

POX0580268 1910-1919 Floor plan

POX0580263 1905 Floor plan showing dimension of babies room (14 x 14 feet), main room (28 x 16 feet) with galleried seating at north end (see POX0580281) and seating on the east wall (see POX0580282). Also shows the external areas - coal, ashes, boys toilet, girls toilet)

POX0580262 1905 Site Plan with reference to potato growing in the 'garden' area

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